The Walking Dead Deer Walker Mask

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Sculpted by Neal Kennemore

Straight from the screen of AMC's The Walking Dead comes one of the most memorable Walkers in the series, The Deer Walker.

The Deer Walker makes his appearance in the third episode of the TV series entitled "Tell It To The Frogs."

After meeting Andrea, Glenn, T-Dog, and the other survivors in Atlanta, Rick comes back to camp with them and is reunited with Lori and Carl. Happy to be back with his family, Rick is haunted by the thought of leaving someone behind, even someone like Merle Dixon, and is planning his return to Atlanta to bring him home when a scream breaks the silence of the camp. Rick, Shane, and the others rush to see the cause of the commotion and find a terrified Carl who has wandered across a Walker feasting on the remains of a dead deer. The Walker turns around and growls, forcing the survivors to knock the creature to the ground and attack it. Dale severs the Deer Walker's head from its body when another sound is heard from the woods. The sound turns out to be Merle's brother Daryl returning from a squirrel hunt. The survivor's look on in horror as the severed head of the Deer Walker continues to snap and growl. Daryl walks up and casually puts an arrow into the Deer Walkers eye with his crossbow.

Portrayed by The Walking Dead director Greg Nicotero,sculpted by Neal Kennemore, the artist that sculpted a number of The Walking Dead Walkers for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights - The Walking Dead Maze, and using hundreds of screen references, the Deer Walker Halloween Mask looks like it came right off the screen of The Walking Dead.

So get yourself the Officially Licensed The Walking Dead Deer Walker Mask, our Walker Chest, and some torn up clothes and go out and stalk the living this Halloween!